Apple is now selling a $699 wheels kit for Mac Pro

Apple continues to target the high-end consumer with its Mac Pro hardware accessories after revealing a $699 set of wheels for the desktop device.

After unveiling the entry-level iPhone SE last week, Apple pivoted back to its premium products with two new kits for the Mac Pro, which are designed to improve manoeuvrability and general sturdiness.

The Apple Mac Pro Wheels Kit with four fittings will go on sale for $699, making it just $30 less than the iPhone 11.

There is also an Apple Mac Pro Feet Kit with steel fittings for a slightly more palatable $299.

Customers can already purchase both accessories as part of a Mac Pro configuration and they are much cheaper, with the wheels available as a $400 add-on.

The Mac Pro is already Apple’s most expensive device with a starting price of $5,999/£5,499 for the baseline model.

The powerful desktop can be customised with the option of up to 1.5TB of RAM memory and a 28-core processor.

The devices are intended for intensive workloads and professional use, so the idea of someone purchasing a $699 accessory to improve the user experience is not far-fetched.

However, customers have been warned that “additional tools are necessary” to set up the wheels and feet, even though it does include a 1/4-inch to 4mm hex bit.

Fortunately, there is a handy installation guide for both kits to get everything set up.

Most Apple products have a lengthy delivery time at the moment due to scarcity of supply, but delivery for the kits is only expected to take up to 48 hours at the moment.

That contrasts with the Mac Pro, which currently has a 10-day waiting time before shipment.

The iPhone SE, available to pre-order from 17th April, now also has longer shipment times.

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