Apple expert says 2020 iPhone won’t have unpopular notch

Renowned Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo is the latest source to claim that the Cupertino company will finally embrace a notchless design for the next iPhone as it looks to shake up the look and feel of the device for 2020.

Apple introduced the notch in late 2017 with the release of the iPhone X, but it has not exactly been a big hit with either critics or fans due to its asymmetrical design.

The notch powered Apple’s new Face ID system, which scans an owner’s face to unlock the phone rather than using the traditional Touch ID tech seen in devices such as the iPhone 7 and 8.

Rumours about redesigns have been coming in thick and fast in recent days, and Kuo, who has a stellar track record for predictions, believes that big changes are afoot.

He expects Apple to move away from the notch and to create a bezel-less iPhone later this year, though whether the entire design will be a radical departure from the iPhone 11 remains to be seen.

Kuo also claims that Touch ID will accompany Face ID in iPhones released in 2021 and that both systems will be housed underneath the display.

The removal of the unsightly notch will finally allow Apple to deliver a symmetrical, seamless glass design, which is also likely to be seen in upcoming Android smartphones.

The rumour was given further weight this week after the release of a report by Credit Suisse that says that Apple is ready to ditch the notch in September.

Unlocking systems has been a hot topic in the industry during the last couple of years following the decision by the majority of manufacturers to remove physical home buttons.

Just a few months ago, AppleInsider leaked the details of a report that claimed that Touch ID security would return for the next iPhone, with the entire display set to act as a fingerprint scanner.

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