Apple continues to have serious issues with iPhone X

Apple has confirmed it is investigating a major iPhone X call issue. The problem arose a few days ago, but since then the company’s woes have been compounded.

According to a Forbes article, testers found other issues as well. Here we have compiled a summary of the iPhone X problems.

Calls freezing

While the firm is investigating reports of users being unable to answer calls on their iPhones because the display fails to wake up, others are now reporting that they are also unable to hang up calls.

The issue appears to be both software and sensor related. According to Piunikaweb, the display fails to activate when you move the device away from the ear, while for users with hands-free calling, the red button pressed to hang up simply fails to respond.

Emergency services pocket dial

The fact that it is sometimes impossible to hang up calls on an iPhone X could result in emergency services being called accidentally. One user reported: “So I bought the iPhone X today and within the first hour called 911 twice and couldn’t hang it up.”
A temporary solution is to deactivate the emergency services shortcut: Settings, Emergency, SOS, Auto Call. But, of course, that means you will have to go without an emergency services shortcut for now.

App problems

A third, less serious issue is one that prevents iPhone X users from quitting apps while they are busy with a call. Apple’s official Twitter support service is currently discussing the problem with users, but the firm’s policy of keeping these conversations private is holding the rest of us in the dark.

The good news is that most of these bugs should be fixed within the next week when iOS11.2.6 is released. Any remaining issues should be resolved with the iOS 11.3 update that should be out before the end of February.

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