Apple announces second Singapore store, reaches 60 million Apple Music subscribers

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Apple is facing a barrage of bad news at the moment but, for a change, we will focus on some good news about the company.

The first piece of news is that Apple announced yesterday that it will open its second store in Singapore next month. Situated at Jewel Changi Airport, this outlet will open its doors at 10am on 13 July 2019 – just over two years after Apple launched its first store on Orchard Road.

The company didn’t divulge a lot of detail when it made the announcement, but it is likely that visitors will be able to view the whole range of Apple products, and also get support and technical advice.

The new outlet will also offer what is known as “Today at Apple” sessions – daily hands-on programmes that focus on video and photography using its products. The store will also feature at least one offer that is exclusive to this particular outlet.

From July, visitors will be able to sign up for the 500m Photo Walk: The Magic of Jewel Changi Airport. During this event, they will learn about using the iPhone and iPad’s Live Photos, Panorama, and Burst modes to best capture the airport’s most outstanding features, such as the 40m waterfall and the indoor gardens.

Our second Apple news snippet for the day is about Apple Music. A company spokesperson yesterday revealed in an interview with French news site Numerama that the number of Apple Music subscribers now exceeds 60 million.

Apple seemingly issues an update every time this number has grown by another 10 million. The previous time was in April, when it announced that the 50 million mark had been reached. This means that Apple is now slowly creeping towards 100 million users, which is the number that Spotify currently boasts.


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