Apple announces details of groundbreaking pizza box

The box was partly designed by the man in charge of Apple Park café, Frencesco Longoni. It was specially created to prevent pizzas from going soggy.

On Tuesday morning, Wired magazine published a sneak preview of Apple’s brand new headquarters. The huge circular spaceship campus boasts the type of extreme attention to detail one would expect from the monolithic company. There are, for example, sliding doors that each weigh approximately 440,000 pounds and 9,000 trees that are supposed to be so tough that they will be able to withstand the widely expected climate crisis.

All these features pale in comparison to another disclosure — one that is almost without a doubt the firm’s biggest innovation since the iPhone. Apple has patented a pizza box.

So special does the company deem its workers, they need a circular pizza box for their takeaway pizzas. Wired says the box was partly designed by the man in charge of Apple Park café, Frencesco Longoni. It was specially created to prevent pizzas from going soggy.

Wired magazine also included a quote from Apple’s design expert Jony Ive. Although, it is uncertain at this stage whether this refers to the pizza box or the firm’s new headquarters.

Ive reportedly said that Apple was amortising this project in a completely different way — not measuring it in terms of the number of individuals. He proceeded: “We think about it in terms of the future. The goal was to create an experience and an environment that felt like a reflection of who we are as a company. This is our home, and everything we make in the future is going to start here.”

The secret to the pizza box, which is a genuine innovation and not a PR exercise, is astonishingly simple: eight holes in the top of the box. Streamlined and immaculately designed like any other Apple product, the box retains most of the heat but at the same time allows steam to escape.

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