Apple admits issues with MacBook Pro and iPhone X devices

Apple has conceded that there are some problems with its 13-inch MacBook Pro and iPhone X devices and has offered to fix them at no charge. The “free repair” offer is the latest in a series of product quality issues since last year.

According to the company, a component failure causes certain iPhone X screens to develop touch issues. The firm said that this only affected the original iPhone X, which was replaced by the iPhone XR and iPhone XS a few weeks ago.

The Cupertino-based firm admitted that, on affected devices, the displays might not respond the way that they should, or they might respond without being touched.

In the case of the 13-inch MacBook Pro devices, Apple said that a problem has arisen that could result in the storage drive failing, with total data loss. Here also, the company offered to fix the problem free of charge.

On its website, Apple stated that only a limited number of 256GB and 128GB 13-inch MacBook Pros with solid-state drives that were sold between June last year and June this year were affected.

In 2017, the company embarked on a comprehensive battery replacement drive after it became known that a software update that was supposed to help certain iPhone models with ageing batteries significantly reduced the performance of these devices. This issue elicited inquiries from US legislators.

About five months ago, Apple offered to replace some MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboards after reports emerged on social media about these keyboards making excessive noise while typing and sometimes inexplicably malfunctioning. The company modified the keyboard’s design in 2018 by introducing a layer of silicone beneath the keys.


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