Apple adds £100 premium to RAM upgrade for 13-inch MacBook Pro

Apple has added a £100 premium to the RAM upgrade on the entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro just weeks after it launched the latest refresh for the premium laptop.

Apple released several configurations for the device in early May after a low-key unveiling and the base setup, which includes an 8th-gen Intel processor, 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD storage, is now available for £1,299.

Prior to the weekend, customers were able to upgrade the RAM to 16GB for just £100.

However, the price has now doubled and UK customers will have to stump up an additional £200 if they want more memory, pushing the total price to £1,499.

Changes to prices for upgrades are not uncommon as Apple often adjusts prices depending on the cost of components and factors such as supply and demand.

For example, the pricing for SSDs in Mac devices was lowered last year.

With that said, Apple does not usually hike prices for upgrades so quickly after launch.

The change could be due to the recent issues with Apple’s supply chain, which has been disrupted by COVID-19.

Fortunately, the price hike this time is isolated to the new 13-inch MacBook Pro for now as RAM upgrades for other Mac devices have not been changed.

Those looking to purchase a more powerful 13-inch MacBook Pro now find better value in the higher configuration featuring a 10th-gen Intel processor and 16GB of RAM as standard, which retails for £1,799.

While the latest MacBook Pro was not particularly exciting compared to the previous model, it did finally include the new Magic Keyboard in place of the much-maligned Butterfly system.

The RAM price change has also been reflected in other markets as US customers will now have to spend $200 to upgrade, while customers in Germany will have to spend €250 more.

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