Analysts confident that Apple is poised for strong 2020

A number of leading market analysts are forecasting that the new budget iPhone SE 2 from Apple will help drive another strong year for the company.

Several prominent analysts have shared their views about Apple’s spectacular results this year, with a share price exceeding twice the value registered at the same time last year.

Many cited the forthcoming debut of the new 5G iPhone as a solid reason for investor optimism but also emphasised the imminent launch of the budget SE 2 as an additional ‘boost’ factor.

Asked why Apple’s share price soared by over 100% in a single year, Jeff Fieldhack, Research Director at Counterpoint Research, said that a major 5G upgrade is widely expected in September 2020 and this is already built into the stock price.

He added that 5G and other upgrades in the September launches are likely to ensure large volumes and healthy ASPs.

However, the excitement surrounding 5G isn’t all, says Fieldhack.

Strong rumours are fuelling an expectation that the spring will see an LTE launch – a development that will sustain the iPhone’s momentum and drive incremental revenue increases.

The low-cost iPhone SE2 launch in March/April will be the first of several eagerly awaited launches: three new 5G iPhone models plus one LTE iPhone expected in September.

Meanwhile, Strategy Analytics viewed soaring service revenue from the newly unveiled Apple TV and Apple Card, for example, as contributing to Apple’s spectacular share price surge, along with creditable performances from its non-smartphone offerings such as Apple Watch and AirPods.

None of the analysts thought that the share price was a ‘bubble’ waiting to burst, with one (Gene Munster of Loup Ventures) predicting a possible 50% additional increase.

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