Analyst reveals Apple’s plans for super-expensive new MacBooks and iPads

At the start of the electronics revolution, people used to become highly excited over every new product, including new iPads. In an era of never-ending small upgrades, each one more expensive than its predecessor, it’s not hard to become a cynic over the barrage of generic gadgets facing today’s consumers.

In the latest news on this front, a top Apple analyst has just stated that Apple has major plans in this regard. As long as you are loaded with spare cash and you are an ardent follower of every new technological gimmick, you might love this.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the top-of-the-range MacBook laptops and iPads released next year and in 2021 will come with mini-LED screens, which are reportedly more beautiful and brighter than most of their predecessors.

To get an idea of what that would mean, and how much you will have to pay, it could be useful to have a closer look at the new Apple Pro Display XDR. This flash screen will cost $4,999 in the US, and in the UK, the price in pounds will probably be more or less the same.

To add to the pain, the display stand will sell for $999. Apple’s latest display technology might be even more expensive. Mini-LED will offer superior picture quality and great colour range, and will allow for lighter and thinner devices.

This is achieved via minute 200-micron LEDs, smaller even than the parts employed in the Pro Display XDR. Kuo believes that Apple will launch an iPad featuring this technology at the end of next year, followed by an iMac in 2021.

It is being speculated that the company might switch from arch-rival Samsung to a firm such as LG Display for the supply of these Mini-LED screens, but whether that happens or not, expect to pay a hefty price for any Apple product using this technology.

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