7 Space Saving iMac Desk & Wall Mounts

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So, you’ve trotted off to the Apple store and, convinced that their all-in-one workhorse, the iMac, is the right computer for you, have handed over rather a lot of cash. Now to install it in your home. The good news is that, with only one cable, the iMac is pretty much the world’s easiest set-up. But considering the money you’ve paid for this Mac, why not go the whole hog when placing that screen and invest in a third party stand? Not only Apple, but modded Apple – now that is hipster.

Before purchasing any stand, though, remember to buy a Vesa mount adapter kit (£35)!This isn’t a mount in and of itself, but rather allows you to attach your monitor to a stand. The tool included allows you to remove Apple’s default stand, which you can then replace with Vesa’s bracket, compatible with third party stands.

Here are seven iMac stands currently on the market that we think are the coolest, listed in order of their cool factor.

7. Bretford MobilePro ($129.95)

The cool factor of this stand is that it, according to the product description, allows your Mac to ‘float weightlessly’. The fact that the Bretford wall mount doesn’t look like much is more of a positive here than a negative: the iMac’s fixtures can disappear from your field of vision, leaving only the screen in optimum position for your viewing pleasure.

Available via the Apple Store (US)

6. Ergotron MX  ($149.95)

Not only does this device have an awesome-sounding name (reminiscent of a certain eighties cult movie), but it’s a huge step forward in ergonomics. For those who complain that Apple’s default stand doesn’t make for enough screen adjustment, this is the mount for you. Adjustable in just about every direction – several times – the Ergotron also brings the screen a lot closer to you. Your 21.5 incher will feel almost like a 27!

Available via the Apple Store (US)

5. Sanus Swivel column ($179.95)

The introduction of a column into the mix is what makes this mount interesting. It’s now easy to change the height of your monitor by sliding the arm up or down the steel column – but once you’ve chosen the right height for you, better hope those clasps hold!

Available via the Apple Store (US)

4. KONTOUR dynamic column (£249.95)

This desk mount wants to stand out from the competition – that much is obvious just from looking at the excitedly capitalised title. The stand itself, coiled like a crouching leopard (clever Mac reference, designers), goes for the aesthetic aluminium look which has won Apple so many converts. The stand will blend right in with your machine, making itself noticed only when you need it – to pull the screen closer or tilt it dramatically.

Available via the Apple Store (US)

3. KONTOUR dual monitor (£399.95)

This stand is identical in design to its brother, with the addition of an extra arm. Suddenly looking a lot more humanoid – and a lot more exciting – the desk mount is able to carry two monitors, in portrait or landscape orientation. For those who are considering hooking up another screen to their all-in-ones, this stand, keeping the same industrial look as before, is an option not to be passed by.

Available via the Apple Store (US)

2. Bretford MobilePro ($169.95)

While another model in this line featured earlier on in our line-up, this MobilePro desk mount has made it to this late stage due to improved looks and aesthetic appeal. Once more touting the brushed-aluminium look, this column makes no attempt to hide away, confident in the unspoken claim that it will add to the coolness of your iMac setup. Looks haven’t impeded functionality, either: the monitor can be tilted effortlessly between landscape and portrait formats, and height is just as easy to adjust.

Available via the Apple Store (US)

1. Bretford MobilePro combo ($229.95)

While perhaps better suited to those wanting a second display for their MacBook Pro, it is certainly possible to use this stand to hold both your desktop and notebook. If you’re in that privileged position, consider the MobilePro dual mount.

Available via the Apple Store (US)

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