6 Unmissable Productivity Plugins For Safari

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You might not think that Safari could help you to be more productive, but there are in fact many productivity related extensions that can improve the way you spend your time online, or stop you procrastinating and getting distracted.

Here’s our brief guide to some of the best productivity extensions that can help you make the most of your time.

1. Paymo Timetracker

Details: Paymo website

Paymo is an online cloud-based tool for businesses and freelancers to mange their projects, time and invoices. Just create an account and sign up, choose the program you want (select from Free, Basic and Premium accounts) and start using it. The Safari extension needs to be configured with your account details, after which you can track your time right in the browser window. There’s also a desktop widget, plus Chrome and Firefox add-ons.


Evernote Icon2. Evernote Web Clipper

Details: Evernote website

The purpose of Evernote is to help you remember all kinds of items (such as notes, web clips, images and files) across your Mac, PC, tablet and phone. The Safari extensions lets you save whole web pages and content (including all the links) to your Evernote account, to be easily browsed on your other devices.

Evernote Graphic
Evernote saves all your notes and other useful information

Once installed, Evernote presents a new icon in the browser – click it to sign in and start using it.

Evernote Screenshot
Click the Evernote icon and sign in

3. KeyStroke

Details: KeyStroke website

KeyStroke is an invaluable Safari Extension that lets you customise dozens of keyboard shortcuts or even override ones that already exist. Just click the KeyStroke button and define as many of the shortcuts as you wish.

KeyStroke Screenshot
Customise your shortcuts

4. WasteNoTime

Details: WasteNoTime website

Don’t you wish that you could save some time and resist the urge to visit Facebook and Twitter all day long? Well, WasteNoTime is designed just for you – it’s a browser extension that helps you manage your Internet time more effectively. For example, the Time Tracker gives you a breakdown of the top sites that you’ve visited. Instant Lockdown instantly restricts your Internet access, allowing you to focus on being more productive, and the Time Quote feature can block selected sites when you’ve spent a certain amount of time on them each day.

Waste No Time Screenshot 1
Save time wasting on the web

The image below shows the Time Tracker feature and all the sites you’ve spent the most time on.

Waste No Time Hours Per Site
Track how long you've spent on each website

5. ScheduleOnce

Details: ScheduleOnce website

ScheduleOnce takes the hassle out of organising meetings, and gives everyone the ability to request a meeting with you, at times that you control. It can also sync with your computer’s local calendar, so that nothing ever gets out of step.

Schedule Once Graphic
Schedule all your calendars and meetings in one place

Devon Think Icon6. Clip to DEVONthink

Details: DEVONthink website

Despite the odd-sounding name, Clip to DEVONthink is a browser extension that interfaces directly with your DEVONthink account. So what’s DEVONthink? It’s a very capable an information assistant that helps you organise documents, notes, bookmarks and other data in a meaningful way. Artificial intelligence is used to make sense of the mass of data and help you organise it in a more logical fashion.

Click To Devon Think
The Click To Devon Think Extension

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