3D rendering of iPhone 12 shows disappointingly dull design

With huge flaws having been discovered in the latest iOS update, Apple finally conceding that iPhone 11 owners’ location data is not really private, and a still unfolding iPhone tracking scandal, this is not a good time for the company.

On top of that, leaks of next year’s iPhone 12 have revealed a design that might not go down well with buyers.

Renowned Japanese website Macotakara has obtained what it believes to be a 3D-printed model of next year’s iPhone 12 Pro Max, and it seems that Apple will once again stick with the basic iPhone X design.

Not only will the iPhone 12 Pro Max look disappointingly similar to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but it will also be a 6.5-inch device again, with virtually identical dimensions.

The device will be significantly thinner than the iPhone 11 though – in fact, it will be the thinnest iPhone since the iPhone 6 Plus. With 5G on its way, this is rather concerning. The mock-up also reveals a device with a decidedly angled appearance, similar to the iPhone 4.

Macotakara also reports that the mute and volume switches are “lowered about half of the size of each button”. The SIM slot appears to have been lowered by a full slot.

On the left side, some sort of connector can be seen, similar to the 11-inch iPad Pro’s magnetic connector.

This might perhaps be a connector and charger for an Apple Pencil.

Macotakara’s source was someone from Chinese giant Alibaba, and the company says that the leaked design is believed to be one of a number of different designs that Apple is working on.

Based on the leaked model, the iPhone 12’s strongest points will seemingly not be the way that it looks, but rather the way that it works.

Technical upgrades include dropping the Lightning port, introducing 120Hz ProMotion displays, adding a long-range 3D camera, and bringing back Touch ID. All new models will also feature 5G.

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