2020 iPhones likely to feature Touch ID again

While the world is speculating over whether Apple’s next-generation iPhone 11 will feature a triple-camera setup with a bump, an upgraded processor and a notch in the front, the company has other plans up its sleeve for its 2020 iPhones.

According to a Barclays analyst, Apple will most likely bring back Touch ID next year. The difference this time will be that the 2020 iPhone will boast an in-display fingerprint sensor that works on the entire screen.

This means that instead of using only the bottom half of the screen, as is the current norm, users will be able to unlock their smartphones by touching anywhere on the screen. Combined with Face ID, which iPhones already offer, this will make these devices virtually impenetrable.

Apart from that, next year’s iPhone could feature 5G connectivity as well as 3D sensing that can map images by using the rear camera. Some suppliers also claim that Apple will finally announce the iPhone SE 2 with the iPhone 8’s hardware specifications.

Barclays analysts don’t expect the iPhone 11 range to bring huge changes except for the camera and the bump. The new iPhone XR (the XR2) will likely offer more RAM, possibly 4GB instead of the current 3GB.

In addition, the new range is expected to have a frosted glass appearance, a larger battery and a reverse charging feature that would make it possible to charge Apple Watches and AirPods by simply placing them against the phone’s back.

Reports are also doing the rounds that while the top-of-the-range models (iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS) will probably feature a triple-camera setup at the rear plus an OLED screen, the XR2 is more likely to come with a twin rear camera and an LCD screen.

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