How To Create Awesome Graphs On Your Mac For Absolutely Nothing Using Grapher

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I’m no maths boffin or genius, but even for me this is pretty cool. OS X hides lots of things, but perhaps few are as significant as this. If you take advanced maths or are studying something similar at uni, you’ll more than likely want a graphing application, so you can plot and calculate co-ordinates and more.

These can cost lots of money, and you might think you have to spend that. Luckily, if you own a Mac, such a functionality comes built in and it’s called Grapher. Here’s how to find it and use it.

Locating Grapher

1. Open Applications.

2. Open Utilities.

3. Open Grapher.

You can now select what type of graph you want. If you’re the next Einstein, you know what to do. If you’re not and just want to play around with it, select whatever, as it doesn’t matter.

Clearly, if you know you’re maths, you won’t really need much helping in terms of using it. However if you just want see what an awesome graph looks like, it’s also easy as Grapher has templates with some awesome shapes. Here’s how to bring up a variety of 3D graphs.

1. Select ‘Examples’ from the menu bar

2. For nerdy awesomeness, select anything under ‘3D Examples’

You should get something like this (or the photo above):

So even if you know nothing about maths, it’s really easy to pretend you do, and if eat, sleep, and live numbers, it’s a great tool. Whoever you are it’s worth giving it a whirl, whether it’s for showing off or completing a maths essay.


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