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We might be living in the advanced technological age of email and the Internet, but there was a time when the fax was one of the essential items of any office. Nowadays, it’s still sometimes necessary to send documents by fax, but the vast majority of people don’t have access to a fax machine unless it’s already built into your printer. And who wants to go out and find an Internet café when it’s pouring with rain?

The following apps (which are all available in the UK Mac App Store) can be used to send faxes easily and quickly from your computer.

FaxDocument Icon1. FaxDocument

Links: Apple website, FaxDocument website

Price: Free

FaxDocument lets you send faxes conveniently from your Mac via a simple drag and drop interface. The app itself is free but in-app purchases are necessary to be able to send faxes. Fax credits can be bought for £13.99 or £20.99 for unlimited faxes for 25 or 50 different numbers respectively, and faxes can be sent to over 40 countries including the USA, Australia, much of Europe and the UK. The best bit is that the cost is a one off charge and not a subscription, so it represents quite good value for money if you intend to send lots of faxes to a small group of numbers.

FaxDocument Screenshot
Send unlimited faxes to 20 or 50 numbers with FaxDocument

FaxFresh2. FaxFresh

Links: Apple website, FaxFresh website

Price: Free

The FaxFresh app is almost identical to the web-based FaxFresh web service. The cost is identical, but it’s rather more convenient to have a dedicated application. Up to 8 pages costs just $1.99 and extra pages are just 25 US cents. More than 100 countries are supported such as Europe, Australia, Japan and the US. Both the website and the app allow you upload documents in PDF format only.

The service also includes email confirmation that lets you know whether the fax was received, and you won’t be charged for unsuccessful transactions. So what are you waiting for? Get faxing!

FaxFresh Screenshot
Use the Mac app or website to fax PDF files

sipgate Faxprinter Icon3. Sipgate Faxprinter

Links: Apple website, Sipgate website

Price: Free

You can’t get much simpler than the sipgate Faxprinter. Just drag and drop any PDF document onto the main fax window, enter the number and hit the send button. You need to create an account on the sipgate website first, however. The nice thing about this utility is that it also appears as a printer, meaning that you can “print” to send a fax from any application’s Print menu. When you choose to print to the app, a pop-up window opens where you enter the desired fax number.

sipgate Faxprinter
Create an account to send faxes anywhere

Instant Fax Cover Icon4. Instant Fax Cover

Links: Apple website, Instant Fax Cover website

Price: £2.99

As the name suggests, Instant Fax Cover is a utility to generate fax covers; it does not however let you send faxes. Nevertheless, it’s a handy little app that’s great if you want to produce good-looking fax covers.

Most people tend to scribble something by hand or open a word processor to produce fax cover sheets (note however that there are many templates that you can download for Pages on the Mac and Word on the PC). However, Instant Fax Cover does produce professional results and it saves previously printed covers so you can reuse them later on.

Instant Fax Cover Screenshot
Produce good looking fax cover sheets in minutes

Simple-fax Icon5.

Links: Apple website

Price: Free

Unfortunately, the app is in German (so we’re not sure why it appears in the UK App Store!). However, with a little patience and thanks to the magic of Google Translate, it’s actually quite easy to install and use this little app.

Just like most of the other apps mentioned, it lets you send faxes from your Mac and can be accessed from the Print menu in any application – it appears to Mac OS as a normal printer. The cost to send faxes is 6 Euro cents, and you need to sign up and create an account with Simple-fax. Thankfully, the user interface does contain English, so once it’s installed you should have no problem using it.

Simple Fax Screenshot
Once you've translated the German, it's easy to use!

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