10 Ways to Beautify Your Mac’s Desktop

I often see many people with boring default Mac Desktops and Wallpapers. This selection of sites and apps will help you add a bit of individuality to your Mac.

Top Sites

1# Interface Lift


Interfacelift features the very best nature wallpapers. All the wallpapers on the website are full HD aswell as supporting many resolutions.

#2 Social Wall


Social wall features a wide selection of wallpapers. The site has wallpapers from sport, gaming, nature, abstract and many more. The website has recently started to support full HD.

#3 Widescreen Wallpaper


Widescreen wallpaper has a variety of different wallpapers. It isn’t updated as often as social wall but it features many interesting wallpapers.

#4 Wallpaper FX


Wallpaper FX also features a variety of different wallpapers. It’s updated quiet often but many wallpapers don’t support full HD.

#5 HD Wallpapers


HD Wallpapers features many types of wallpapers. It’s updated every now and then and often has many gaming wallpapers. Many of the wallpapers feature full HD support.

5 Top Apps

#1 Live Wallpaper


Live Wallpaper app is a great app, which updates your desktop with a real-time clock and weather forecast.

The app features 17 themes and is very flexible to change layout. The app came first due to it being only £0.69 to buy.

#2 Desktopr


Desktopr is a very unique app. The app let’s you set your desktop background to a website, quartz composition or even a flash movie.

The app has a free version for you to try out and is only £1.27 to buy.

#3 HD Wallpapers


HD Wallpapers is a excellent app, which does what it says on the tin. You get access to thousands of HD wallpapers which you can try out instantly.

The app has a really nice user interface and is very simple to use.

#4 Kuvva Wallpapers


Kuvva Wallpapers is a very simplistic app. You get very clean and beautiful wallpapers. The wallpapers are created by professional photographers, designers and illustrators.

The app is very easy to use and is updated every week. The app is also free, so you may aswell try it.

#5 Multi Monitor Wallpaper


Multi Monitor Wallpaper is a utility app. It’s designed for fitting your wallpapers onto multiple monitors.

Often this is very tricky to do by hand, so this app saves you a lot of time and works perfectly. You can buy the app for £1.49

Before you go

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