Tim Cook claims high prices of new iPhones are justified

Yesterday, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook tried to defend the high prices of his firm’s latest iPhone range on TV. He even claimed: “We want to make an iPhone for everyone.” He also pointed out that many people financed their iPhones through a cellular carrier, which made it more affordable on a monthly basis.

Apple released three new iPhone models last week, with US prices ranging from an “affordable” $749 to $1,099 – making them the most expensive iPhones ever. Granted, at 6.5 inches, the iPhone XS Max boasts the biggest screen in iPhone history, but for many people who are struggling to make ends meet, paying $1,000 for a phone is close to blasphemy.

Cook tried to justify this by saying that the new iPhones effectively replaced video cameras, music players and traditional cameras.

In August, Apple became the first American company ever to reach a market cap of $1tn. Since then, President Donald Trump has exempted certain of its products from the new 10% tariffs (25% from January) that he announced on Chinese imports, which would have kicked in on 24 September 2018.

The AirPods and Apple Watch are on the list of 297 exempted products.

According to Cook, this is justified because although the iPhone is assembled in China, their components come from all over, while R&D is done in the US. He also hinted that Apple would invest $350bn in the US between now and 2023, which could include new facilities.

Cook expanded enthusiastically on the new Apple Watch’s health benefits, including how users can simply place a finger on the crown and hold it there for half a minute to obtain an ECG reading – which they can then send to their physician. The device is also able to dial 911 automatically if the owner fails to respond within a given time – for instance, if they pass out.


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