Semiconductor virus hits Apple supplier, and Apple Watch saves woman

A firm that manufactures semiconductors for iPhones is trying to restore normal operations after a virus outbreak, but the incident will most likely increase costs and delay shipments.

According to Taiwan Semiconductor Co. Ltd, 80% of the factory tools that were negatively impacted by Friday’s virus were recovered by Sunday.

The firm failed to provide any details on how this will affect Apple or its other clients. So far, Apple has not commented on the issue.

The semiconductor manufacturer ascribes the outbreak to an error during the software installation for a new tool, which was subsequently connected to the computer system. It claims that no confidential data was compromised during the event.

Taiwan Semiconductor noted that the event could reduce its revenue for Q3 2018 by nearly 3%, but it remains confident that things will get back to normal before the end of the year.

In other Apple news, a woman from South Alabama claims that she owes her life to her Apple Watch. On 20 July, Chandler Robertson was driving to Andalusia when she was involved in an automobile accident. She says that she cannot remember a lot about the incident except that she woke up trapped upside down in her vehicle, unable to move.

Unable to find her phone, she used her Apple Watch to make emergency calls. She first called her mother, but the call dropped before she could explain what happened. She then called her boyfriend, telling him what happened. He told her to call 911 and then the call also dropped.

With the first call to 911, she could only give her name before the call also dropped, but when she retried, she was able to tell the operator what happened. Within 14 minutes, she heard sirens arriving, but it took 45 minutes to free her from the wreck.


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