iPhone 6 burst into flames, and Apple stock downrated

Not using the original manufacturer’s parts in a smartphone is something that all phone manufacturers warn against.

A recent incident that occurred in the Chinese city of Shanghai underscored the importance of this. A woman from the city had a narrow escape when her iPhone 6 burst into flames while lying on the dashboard of her moving car.

The unfortunate event was recorded by a dashcam, and it can clearly be seen how the iPhone first exploded and then burst into flames.

The lady and her husband were travelling in their car when the incident took place. In a video that was shared by Thrillist (EEC Media), the iPhone 6, which belonged to the woman, is visible on the car’s dashboard. Suddenly, without any warning, it caught fire in broad daylight.

The panic-stricken woman is heard screaming during the event. Fortunately, sources indicate that both the man and the woman escaped without injuries. The incident’s date is visible in the video’s time stamp, confirming that the accident took place only a few days ago.

According to the lady’s husband, he earlier (about six months ago) took the iPhone 6 to a local repair shop to have the battery replaced. At the time, he didn’t realise that the new battery was not a genuine Apple product.

In other Apple news, a Wall Street firm has lowered its rating on Apple stocks from neutral to negative over worries about the firm’s legal battle with Qualcomm and possible antitrust problems with its service business.

The change was made by CFRA Research’s forensic accounting team after it reviewed Apple’s new 10-Q disclosure document with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Despite this, Apple’s share price increased by 0.7% on Monday to nearly 208.87. During the day, it at one stage even traded at 210.95.


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