Some Apple Watch models unavailable ahead of Tuesday new product unveiling

Apple is reportedly ready to release a number of new products tomorrow, with the list including new models for the Apple Watch range. The company has, however, run out of stock for certain present-generation Apple Watch models.

The firm’s online store does not have a single Hermès model to sell, and the 42mm Apple Watch Edition is also out of stock. Fortunately, the 38mm model is still in stock at the time of writing. Apple of course recently modified the Edition, giving it a brand new appearance and a significantly reduced price tag.

In the case of the Hermès Apple Watch, all models have been marked as ‘Unavailable’ and for the time being it’s not clear if or when stock will be replenished.

Apple will in all likelihood debut a new Apple Watch, complete with LTE, during its special event. As far as the rest of the product line is concerned, however, not much is known but speculation is rife. The fact that the company has run out of stock for the Hermès watch and the 42mm Apple Watch Edition might indicate that replacements could be on the way, or simply that inventory levels are running low because the firm has shifted its attention to the new cellular model.

What could also be significant is that shipping times for the Siri Remote for Apple TVs are now anywhere up to two weeks, even three weeks in some instances. The company will in all likelihood release a new Apple TV with support for 4K video soon. If so, it could well use a new and different type of remote.

Apple’s inventory levels are known to fluctuate quite often though, so such speculation might all be a storm in a teacup. What is neither speculation nor a storm in a teacup, of course, is Apple’s new product unveiling tomorrow – exciting developments will be revealed as soon as more information becomes available.

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