Apple releases macOS update to fix Telegu issue

The last few weeks have not been kind to Apple, with various issues and bugs slowly eating away at its reputation.

As could be expected, the company is doing its best to recover from these setbacks. On Monday it announced a new version of macOS High Sierra 10.13.3. This comes around a month after Apple released the initial version in January. That particular update came with fixes for the Spectre and Meltdown bugs that were discovered earlier last month.

The latest macOS High Sierra update is available for download via the Software Update facility in the Mac App Store – or you can also download it directly from the Mac App Store. It will work on all compatible Mac computers, provided of course they run on macOS High Sierra.

Yesterday’s update aims to resolve an issue that causes a number of apps (including Messages) to crash when they receive or send a character in Telegu – one of the languages spoken in India. When this character is received or sent, it can result in apps such as Safari or Messages freezing up and becoming totally unresponsive.

For iMac Pros, there is also a different macOS High Sierra 10.13.13 Supplemental Update, which was developed to resolve the Telegu issue on those particular devices.

Before yesterday’s update, the only way to fix the issue in apps such as Messages was to delete the whole conversation that contained the offending character. The latest updates also involved iOS 11.2.5, where Apple has issued an updated iOS 11.2.6 to address the Telegu bug.

The company earlier addressed the Telegu character issue in macOS 10.13.4 and iOS 11.3, but those particular updates are currently still in the beta testing phase and will only be released during the spring. Last week it promised a minor update to address the Telegu issue in the meantime.

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